Excellent Opportunities
  • 61 new mosques are currently under construction. The project is set to cost over Dh398 million
  • There is an opportunity to retrofit up to 5000 mosques across the UAE
  • 90,000 mosques across Saudi Arabia to be made eco-friendly by utilising solar and other renewable sources of energy
  • 40 to 70 mosques/year are being handed over by Qatar’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
  • $4.6 million is the worth of Sultan Mosque makeover in Singapore
  • $100 million has been invested by Turkey to build a mega-mosque in Maryland- U.S
  • Morocco has launched an ambitious “Energy Efficiency in Mosques” program aiming to provide solar power for all mosques in the kingdom, with the first phase deadline set for 2019
  • 600 mosques in Morocco are set for a green makeover by March 2019
  • 400 mosques in Jordan generate their needs of electricity via solar energy
  • 2,000 mosques in Jordan are expected to be fully running on renewable energy in 2 years